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TRACER™   Visual Inspection
on the assembly line

  • Fast and efficient repair of electrical issues
  • Simple assessment of complex circuits
  • Machine Learning on repair issues
  • Multi-Platform & Multi-Location Runtime Software

Always know exactly where failures occur. TRACER™ significantly reduces the labor involved in electrical diagnosis and repair.

It offers a smarter way to diagnose, eliminates trial-and-error, and makes any technician’s diagnosis more accurate and efficient.

Find the root cause of electrical issues

Sure, traditional diagnosis can identify electrical issues. But it can’t pinpoint a failure’s root cause -or reveal its precise location.

Finding the root cause of a problem fast makes service and repair a lot more efficient. Address the central problem right away instead of trying every possible option until you succeed.


Significant cost reduction of repair

Consider the costs associated with the typical diagnostic process for complex and multi-faceted electrical failures:

  • High trouble rates during new product launches
  • Damaged parts and destructive teardowns caused by the misdiagnosis of non-defective parts
  • Extended storage in factory holding areas
  • Idled repairs at dealerships
  • Recalls and warranty repairs

Also consider the cumulative impact when these problems occur in end-of-line testing, in-line testing, in repair shops, and yard quarantine campaigns.


Easy integration

TRACER™ is runtime software that integrates with your existing OE Tier 1 and dealership test system. It runs on machines already in your service bay and requires no new hardware.

Pinpoint savings

TRACER™ brings sweeping cost reductions to the realm of electrical diagnosis. This groundbreaking tool:

  • Enables fast, efficient repair of root-cause electrical issues.
  • Simplifies assessment of complex circuit and non-circuit issues.
  • Identifies issues in specific components, modules, or pins.
  • Directs the technician to the precise location of failure.
  • Works across multiple platforms, plants, and dealership locations.
  • Eliminates damage to parts and materials.
  • Gains intelligence with every session.
  • Flags common failures, so you can fix them before they spread.