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Idex – Intelligent AI
Guided Diagnostics

  • Find the root cause of issues based on field data
  • Treeless diagnostic knowledge base
  • Intuitive tool with reusable components
  • Push-button repair report

Simplify even the most complex diagnostics. Find the root cause and solution for current issues by analyzing all historical field data with

A new approach to repair information via a treeless diagnostic knowledge base. Remove the burden of authoring troubleshooting for every issue.

Better diagnostic procedures with the power of AI

Diagnostic trees have long been the bottleneck of Diagnostic Content. If a technical expert could not imagine it, it simply didn’t make it to the manual. What’s more, static procedures can’t respond to context and can’t always account for the myriad of possible connections underlying various symptoms and trouble codes.

IDEx shifts the focus away from primitive, step-by-step procedures and focuses instead on the relationships between problems, causes, tests, and inputs. It offers a powerful, AI-driven diagnostic toolset for OEM, independent, and aftermarket technicians.


Improve diagnostic accuracy

IDEx finds and verifies the root cause of a diagnostic issue without forcing the technician to sacrifice control. It looks at technician field data and analyzes all historical cases to identify consistent issues and their solutions. IDEx helps flag component design flaws so you can resolve them before a product even gets made or get valuable information to improve future product generations.



The most efficient way to author repair procedures

IDEx simplifies technical authoring with a powerful WYSIWYG authoring environment. Set up your product lines, then author content for specific products. Easy tagging and reusable components reduce duplicated effort and make the entire process more intuitive. You can also repurpose existing content from your own systems.

Publish product diagnostic information to your branded front end on any device, where you can offer the content in free or paid modules. Either way, you’ll liberate technicians from the need for long, static diagnostic procedures.


An essential part of the field technician tool kit

A convenient offline option makes IDEx available in the field or the service bay even if an internet connection is not present. And it offers easy, push-button report summary export for repair order stories, warranty claims, and insurance reimbursements.