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Flexible B2B e-commerce Platform

  • Combine different suppliers in a unified overview
  • Market-based supplier selection
  • Use flexible pricing for different stakeholders
  • Multilingual e-commerce platform

A platform that provides one central view and one-stop-shop for different commerce initiatives for your partner stakeholders.

The B2B e-commerce platform provides your B2B customer with single-sign on mechanism and gives them a clear overview of the order possibilities with your approved 3rd Party Suppliers via a unified interface.

Preferred Supplier Shop in Shop Integration

Our preferred supplier shop in shop integration module simply combines one view on all the different suppliers for ordering parts and other types of material. The stakeholders have an easy view of where to order what and can work efficiently.


Multi-market setup

If different markets apply, and different suppliers are recommendable, the system allows to easily set up suppliers based on the market. This means that for some markets the same suppliers will apply, and potentially some others.


Flexible Price conditioning

Not all stakeholders have similar agreements and price negotiations can vary per supplier and per type of partnership or contract. This does not have to be a hassle with our flexible price conditioning module.

Multi-lingual setup

International environments require multi-lingual support. The user interface language can be easily set up and configured via the platform.