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Field Service Reporting
Aggregation Platform

  • Intelligent repair data aggregation, optimization, and sharing from field data.
  • Smart aggregation of data from the field
  • Fast root cause detection
  • Advanced search & metadata

New products need maintenance documentation. But it’s hard to write that type of documentation until the machines actually break down in the field and need servicing.

Tweddle developed a central knowledge base for maintenance. Field expert data, support ticket solutions, and fixes for common service issues from all over the world are aggregated. Standardized field service reports are mapped and enhanced with metadata to make them easily searchable. All maintenance knowledge gets shared, independent of language, location, or source.

Field Service Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge is the key to success for any business. This is no different in Field Services. Collecting know-how and centralizing valuable Field Service Information like documentation, product manuals, video tutorials, and invaluable accumulated knowledge from experienced service technicians enables other stakeholders to repair and maintain products more efficiently. And shared expertise helps improve overall productivity.


Data Aggregation Approach

Data aggregation is the process of collecting all the data on service report information and presenting it in a summarized and easy-to-use way for the technicians, independent of their region.



Through our service reporting solution, we create the ability to better understand the situation and conditions of the problems in a very clear way. Similar possible root causes can be detected more easily as well as the correct procedure for fixing them.

Third-Party Data Integration

Service reporting information shouldn’t exist as isolated data. The modules are integrated with different tools allowing people to work in their known environment. Different service reporting input forms can be integrated, and the comparison of existing service information is supported.


Advanced Search

The platform features an advanced search module that allows related service information to be searched and found through various filter criteria, such as root cause, similar conditions, problems detected, and others. This leads to useful knowledge sharing and saves time and effort for the service technicians across all regions.


Advanced Role Management

Based on your technical profile, the region you work in, and the product comparison needs, the service information platform comes with an advanced user and role management system. This guarantees a very flexible setup to allow or deny certain product-related service information for certain user groups.