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Customer Service Knowledge Base

  • AI-driven knowledge base
  • Documentation, Manuals, Videos, Lists, …
  • Natural Language Processing Search Function
  • Multi-Language Support Documentation

One-stop-shop for Product Manuals, Installation and Operation Manuals, Service Manuals, Parts Lists, Videos, and Training Materials.

To quickly help customers with questions, you need a tight grip on all available information. But the documentation needed to do this can exist in a lot of different formats.

Our AI-driven knowledge base maps and connects all types of available information for both customer support and internal use. The Tweddle® platform helps (new)customer agents answer customer inquiries by putting more qualitative information at their fingertips.

NLP-driven search engine

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a type of search developed to better understand the user’s intent.

The Tweddle® search engine supports NLP to recognize, highlight and return information from the knowledge base related to this intent or search criteria.


Documentation Library of knowledge assets

The answers to customer service can only be as good as the available knowledge. In certain cases, available technical documentation can support a more qualitative and relevant answer to support the service agent or technicians. All this knowledgeable documentation is stored in a central library.


Customer Support Integration

The suggested results from our documentation knowledge base give customer service agents a more advanced way to qualitatively answer support calls and inquiries.

Multi-lingual support

International environments demand multi-lingual support. At Tweddle®, we support different types of documentation languages, aid via a ‘default to English’ concept if a certain language is not supported, or can rely on Machine Translation technology to make the documentation more comprehensive if not available in your language at the time of need.