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Content Delivery
and Analytics Platform

  • Map, store & connect different kinds of data
  • Content versioning, access control, and distribution
  • Enrich with searchable Metadata
  • Publish to multiple channels

Digital Asset Management repository with product and technical information sources seamlessly delivered to different channels

A platform that stores and organizes different kinds information in different formats and their necessary metadata. The platform API communicates with your different channels like your website, portal, or custom app.

Asset ingestion

Store, manage and share your digital files starts with the ingestion process of these assets. Tweddle supports multiple formats and deals with the ingesting process, from a simple pdf to the more complex XML structure.


Documentation Asset Library

By centralizing and managing your documentation in an asset library, you can better cope with versioning, access control, and the distribution in and outside your organization. One single source of truth, accessible at all times in a controlled way.


Metadata Handler

Metadata handling is a way to enrich the documentation with additional information tags. These tags are used to better organize, group, and classify these different types of documentation and content.

This metadata tagging plays an crucial role in bringing value and context to your documentation library. Our information architects and content management team can support you in setting up this (context aware) documentation library.

Multi-channel delivery

There is a diversity of channels where your information can be valuable for your audience. Via our independent approach, we can make any type of information available in one or more channels. Some of the information is useful in a mobile app, your website, your B2B portal environment, and others. This platform is made to support your company in having the flexibility to choose and adapt over time.