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Content Component
Management as a Service

  • Write content once, use it many times
  • supports different formats, languages, and metadata
  • Flexible product configuration
  • XML topic-based authoring

A dynamic cloud-based authoring system to write your manuals once, publishing them many times

Our CCMS is a platform to configure product information nodes and generate product guides based on individual machine specifications. The system is built to write once and publish many times to different formats, avoiding replication efforts and time-consuming layout efforts.

Flexible Product Configuration

Setting up a content component management system relies on the different products and their classifications. At Tweddle®, we have expertise in handling the complexity of having multiple components that apply to multiple machines. If changes are made, flexibility is key to adapting these changes to certain or all components involved.


Topic-based authoring (XML)

Tweddle works with a topic-based authoring approach to keep the highest flexibility in your authoring environment. The topics are written in an XML format making it easier to translate and distribute or publish it to multiple channels.


Web-based WYSIWYG Editor

The authoring environment is supported by a web-based interface, making it easy to change and adapt topics or classification with a click of a button. Our content development team can access the content from anywhere, anytime.

Stylesheet publishing

Our topics can be published in an online manual or published in a printed manual. Our stylesheet-based approach allows us to modify and tweak different types of stylesheets needed to cope with these changes, while your content topic stays intact. The stylesheet guarantees the right font, color, size, and screen or print display of your publication always in line with your Corporate Identity.