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Connected Technical
Repair Platform 4.0

  • cloud-based solution for efficient repair
  • showing only relevant information for current issue
  • smart collection and presentation of technical information
  • supports different formats, languages, and metadata

Repair can be challenging. Certainly, for complex and rapidly evolving products with a lot of connected parts.

Imagine what your technician would say: “Don’t hit me on the head with the 300-page manual, show me the information I need here!”. Maintenance staff need the right information at the right time. Only what is needed and always up to date.

Tweddle developed a cloud-based solution for efficient repair. A documentation portal that maps, collects, and presents information to technicians in a smart way. Relevant information is shown, based on the machine and the parts they are working on. The portal is the go-to information resource for technicians.

Repair and Maintenance Information Library

All technical information assets are ingested in a central, cloud-based repository. Different formats like pdf, html, xml, and many others are supported and classified with the necessary metadata information. This improves the findability of each individual asset and the related files.


Connected Services and Alert Monitoring

The platform is interoperable with diagnostic solutions and has integrated, custom OEM modules to monitor and diagnose machinery.

The main advantage of such integrations is that we can focus on only showing relevant maintenance instructions based on the particular problem that has been diagnosed.


Aggregated Product Information (PIN)

The context of the repair documentation is enriched via product-specific data integrations. We give technicians a clear overview of what product information is available, from warranty to recall-specific details.

Repair Session Data

The data of each repair session is logged and stored. The data can be made available to your data scientists and integrated into several dashboards.


Feedback loop for the technicians

A feedback mechanism allows technicians to add comments related to the existing information made available for them. This valuable feedback is considered and included in the next release of the maintenance information.


Multilingual support

Both the user interface as well as the documentation is supported for multi-language usage. The system allows flexible access to change and adapt the user interface language choice and documentation language(s).