Tweddle Portfolio

Connected Technical Repair Platform 4.0

  • Cloud-based for efficiency
  • Only relevant information
  • Smart presentation of data
  • Multi formats & languages

Aggregating relevant information for repair technicians.

Maintenance can be challenging. Certainly, for complex and rapidly evolving products with a lot of connected parts. Tweddle developed a cloud-based solution for efficient repair. A documentation portal that maps, collects, and presents relevant information based on the machine and the parts technicians are working on.


  • Repair and Maintenance Information Library
  • Connected Services and Alert Monitoring
  • Aggregated Product Information (PIN)
  • Repair Session Data
  • Feedback Loop for the Technicians
  • Multilingual support

Field Service Reporting Aggregation Platform

  • Knowledge-sharing platform
  • Field data aggregation
  • Fast root cause detection
  • Advanced search & metadata

Intelligent repair data aggregation, optimization, and sharing from field data.

It’s hard to write the perfect maintenance documentation until the machines actually need servicing and unexpected issues become clear. Tweddle developed a central knowledge platform where field expert data, support ticket solutions, and fixes for common service issues from all over the world are aggregated, mapped, and enhanced with metadata to make them easily searchable.


  • Field Service Knowledge Sharing
  • Data Aggregation Approach
  • Insights
  • Third-Party Data Integration
  • Advanced Search
  • Advanced Role Management

Real-Time Machine Monitoring Platform

  • IoT remote machine management
  • Preventive maintenance planning
  • Real-time updates and monitoring
  • Reduced Repair Costs

Control, update, manage and monitor machines remotely in real-time with IoT.

Reduce repair costs and time to an absolute minimum by closely monitoring machine parameters and determining prescriptive maintenance. An IoT-based solution that allows you to control, update, manage and monitor your machinery remotely and in real-time.


  • Machine Performance Monitoring
  • Remote Firmware Updates
  • Geo-location Mapping
  • Parameter-based Preventive Maintenance
  • OEM Dashboard with relevant data

Machine Translation Platform as a Service

  •  Fast Low-Cost Translation
  • Multi-Language Data Aggregation
  • Machine + Human Translation
  • Terminology List & Translation Memory

Instant translation of documentation in a secure centralized set-up.

Get instant translation of your documentation. Our advanced translation engine stores all documentation in a central multilanguage repository, accessible to all departments. An embedded terminology list and translation memory help interpret complex technical contexts. If needed, machine translation can be enhanced by human translation.


  • Machine Translation Engine
  • Human Translation with Post-Editing
  • Flexible International Setup
  • Multiple Languages supported
  • Terminology List & Translation Memory

Idex – Intelligent AI Guided Diagnostics

  • Root cause from field data
  • Treeless knowledge base
  • Reusable components
  • Push-button repair report

Simplify complex diagnostics with AI root cause analysis.

Simplify even the most complex diagnostics. Find the root cause and solution for current issues by analyzing all historical field data with AI. A treeless diagnostic knowledge base gives you a quick and actionable overview of your repair information.


  • Better diagnostic procedures with AI
  • Improve diagnostic accuracy
  • Efficient authoring of repair procedures
  • Essential part of the field technician tool kit

TRACER™ Visual Inspection on the assembly line

  • Efficient electronics repair
  • Simple circuit assessment
  • Machine Learning for Repair
  • Integrating Runtime Software

Drastically increase accuracy for electrical diagnosis.  

Stop trial-and-error. The TRACER™ runtime software offers a smarter way to diagnose and repair during end-of-line, online, and dealership testing.


  • Find the root cause of electrical issues
  • Significant cost reduction of repair
  • Easy integration with existing machines
  • Pinpoint savings

Electronic Parts

  • ERP & Website Integration
  • Bill Of Material & Ordering
  • Searchable Central Repository
  • Exploded product Diagrams

Show your products with exploded diagrams.

The Tweddle® Electronic Parts Catalogue manages exploded diagrams of your products and integrates seamlessly with your website. Product source data from your ERP is compared with the parts visualizer. The order module allows the selection of parts and provides references for ordering.


  • Bill of Material (BOM) Integration
  • Product Search – Web Interface
  • Exploded diagrams
  • Parts ordering module

Customer Service Knowledge Base

  • AI Knowledge Base
  • All kinds of Documentation
  • NPL Search Function
  • Multi-language Support

Multi-Lingual one-stop shop for all your documentation.

Our AI-driven knowledge base maps and connects all types of available information for both customer support and internal use. It helps customer service answer customer inquiries by putting targeted information at their fingertips.


  • NLP-driven search engine
  • Documentation Library of Knowledge Assets
  • Customer Support Integration
  • Multi-lingual Support

Content Component Management as a Service

  • Write once, use many times
  • Web-based content editor
  • Flexible product configuration
  • XML topic-based authoring

A cloud-based authoring system to write once, then publish many times.

Our CCMS is a platform to configure product information nodes and generate product guides based on bespoke machine specifications. The system is built to write once and publish many times to different formats, avoiding replication and time-consuming layout efforts.


  • Flexible Product Configuration
  • Topic-based authoring (XML/HTML)
  • Web-based WYSIWYG Editor
  • Stylesheet publishing

Content Delivery and Analytics Platform

  • Map, store & connect data
  • Versioning, control, distribution
  • Enrich with Metadata
  • App, Web, Portal,…

Multi-channel technical Asset Management repository.

A platform that stores and organizes different kinds of information in different formats with the necessary metadata. The platform API communicates with your different channels like your website, portal, or custom app.


  • Asset ingestion
  • Documentation Asset Library
  • Metadata Handler
  • Multi-channel delivery

Print on Demand Platform as a Service

  • Only print what is needed
  • Always up-to-date documentation
  • Fast time to market
  • All-in-one service

Free up your warehouse with Zero Inventory – Print On Demand (ZIPOD) as a Service for documentation.

A platform that offers the flexibility for your different markets or stakeholders to order printed manuals based on actual needs. The biggest advantage is the optimized costing, no obsolescence, and fast time to market.


  • Market Forecasting Module
  • Order Pipeline
  • Print and Packaging service
  • Customer support

Flexible B2B e-commerce Platform

  • Unified supplier overview
  • Market-based supplier selection
  • Flexible pricing possibilities
  • Multilingual platform

A centralized one-stop-shop for all your partner commercial stakeholders.

The Multilingual B2B e-commerce platform provides a single-sign on mechanism and brings a clear overview of the order possibilities for the user via a unified interface. You can show your local suppliers based on the users’ location or home market with flexible (tiered) pricing conditions for different stakeholders.


  • Preferred Supplier Shop in Shop Integration
  • Multi-market setup
  • Flexible Price conditioning
  • Multi-lingual setup