A next gen information agency

Tweddle Group, headquartered in Michigan, is a privately held company founded in 1954. What started out as a printer specialized in Owner’s Manuals for Automotive, Tweddle is now a leading player in product technical support, from digital product information solutions to self-learning services and diagnostic platforms in the Cloud.

About Tweddle

Tweddle Group, headquartered in Michigan, is a privately held company founded in 1954. Historically a business dedicated to printing car manuals, we are now a leading supplier of product support, digital owner information, and diagnostic tools to many of the largest automakers and machine builders in the world.

Tweddle Group has moved into the digital product space with a vision to become a leading supplier of digital product information and diagnostics tools for automotive and machinery companies worldwide. Our clients rely on our solutions to deliver the right content to their stakeholders at the time of need. Our solutions do not kill existing applications but embrace the fact that they are part of a bigger ecosystem. We’re the superglue or duct tape bringing our customers’ legacy applications together. In our increasingly digital world, most organizations are struggling to successfully transform their business from paper to digital and even more from “old digital” to “new digital”.

Tweddle Group is an information service provider that supports your company in successfully implementing your digital transformation plans with the objective to provide a greater customer experience. To do so, Tweddle Group works with information experts, such as technical writers, information architects, translators, UX designers, front end developers, new technology experts a.o. to support your company with setting up workflows and by implementing the right solutions.

The ability to deliver informative and appealing digital customer experiences across a range of touchpoints continues to grow in importance to organizations of all sizes across industries.